North West Department of Social Development has obtained an unqualified audit opinion for the third time in a row on the Annual Financial statements with no material misstatements. On performance information, the department has also obtained an unqualified audit opinion on its social welfare programme.

“Our department was one of the departments which were audited during the financial year that ended on 31 March 2023. We are so humbled by this achievement despite the challenges that we experienced in the year under review. A lot still needs to be done going forward to improve our audit outcomes,” Mokgosi said, adding that management and all departmental officials should intensify efforts to achieve a clean audit at the end of the current financial year while at the same time, deliver quality services to the people of the North West province.

Mokgosi said, despite the achievement, his department is still required by the Auditor General to improve on reporting of performance information, compliance on supply chain management, develop a culture shift plan to deal with irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure in order to achieve a clean audit report.

The material findings on compliance with expenditure, consequence management, procurement and contract management were further emphasized by the Auditor General as a concern wherein an improvement plan will be developed to address these issues.
“While we are obliged to render services to our communities, we are equally required to do so in accordance with the relevant legislations such as Public Finance Management Act and other departmental policies. We must also ensure that the department practices good governance and observe our internal controls to get a clean audit,” he said.

The Department of Social Development together with Economic Development, Environment Conservation and Tourism and Arts Culture Sports and Recreation and North West Provincial Legislature were identified as departments that have a potential to achieve clean audit in the next audit cycle.

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Issued by the Department of Social Development

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