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Please note that the bid documents loaded on the Department’s Website for the bids below reflected an error in the closing dates.  The documents have since been corrected and the closing dates of the bids remains.

Tenders Closing Date
NW/DSD/16/2021 27 September 2021
NW/DSD/17/2021 04 October 2021
NW/DSD/18/2021 05 October 2021
NW/DSD/19/2021 06 October 2021
NW/DSD/20/2021 07 October 2021
NW/DSD/21/2021 08 October 2021

SBD 1 Forms
SBD1 FORM – NW/DSD/16/2021
SBD1 FORM – NW/DSD/17/2021
SBD1 FORM – NW/DSD/18/2021
SBD1 FORM – NW/DSD/19/2021
SBD1 FORM – NW/DSD/20/2021
SBD1 FORM – NW/DSD/21/2021

The department extends its sincere apologies for any inconvenienced caused.

To apply for this job email your details to thlaba@nwpg.gov.za.